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About Minnesota Chinese Day Care

and Learning Center

We are a State licensed provider and offers toddler, preschool and school age programs.
We are committed to provide a safe, positive, and culturally diverse environment where children can play, learn and grow. We offer Chinese, English, math, arts, dance, music classes and variety of activities, stimulating children to develop physically, socially and academically. We provide an authentic language and cultural environment for children to acquire and learn standard Mandarin Chinese.


Our Philosophy and Goals

Each child has a good nature and moves toward perfection.
The child has desire to learn and learn best through discovery and creative exploration. Minnesota Chinese Day Care & Learning Center provides a supportive and nurturing environment with well-designed programs that meet each child’s physical, intellectual and social needs and development.

Our goal is to help each child experience the joy and excitement of learning and develop a sense of independence, responsibilities, self-discovery and desire to learn. It is also our primary task to develop each child’s different cultural acceptance and bilingual ability-Chinese and English.

Language boost

the Brain

There are lifelong cognitive benefits to knowing two languages and transitional benefits gained during the learning process.
Studies show that at every level, bilinguals perform better in cognitive tests. Children who study a second language do better at logical reasoning, mathematics and English verbal tests. They get better exam results and adults who are competent in more than one language do best in both verbal and nonverbal intelligence tests.

In old age bilingual people have less cognitive decline than monolinguals. Early exposure to a second language actually causes more connections to grow in the child’s brain and these connections in turn allow for easier learning in both languages.

Creativity, flexibility and lateral thinking ability are fostered by exposure to two languages, as well as improved capacity of the brain to multi-task. Quite apart from all this there are obvious social and employment advantages to having access to two cultures.

Staff Qualification

All staff members are carefully selected, trained and undergo background checks at the time of hire.
Staff members are first aid and CPR certified and receive ongoing training. The dance and arts teachers are professionally trained. All teachers hold a bachelor or master degree and have experience in early childhood education. MCDCLC has low staff turnover for consistent care of your child.

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